The key of our clients retention rate has been our ability to source the best staff in the industry. After we select our employees, we put them through hands-on training on the skills / methodology required to achieve excellence in complete facility management/ IT and Non-IT Services / housekeeping / cleaning-sanitizing / catering to ensure customer ecstasy. The training program also ensures advancing within the broader context of service industries. Managing a hospitality establishment requires the synthesis of several activities that are all focused at achieving one common goal.

Our focus has always been in creating staff that specializes not just in specific areas but are also capable of multi-tasking so as to achieve the common goal and nullify dependency. We ensure that all staff undergoes on the job training that is constantly reinforced by putting them through refresher training and cross training on various work attributes. Supervisors at the sites are informed about new developments and trained to use newly developed equipments & chemicals. They are entrusted with adequate support and supervisor to train old and new.

In this Present Era, as we all know, there is rapid advancement in all spheres of economic activities throughout the world. The industrialization in the country has also developed by leaps and bounds due to the policy of liberalization by our Government.

It has not increased the jobs prospective and prosperity in various aspects of the human life,but has also enhanced the possibilities as well as chances of different techniques of thefts, pilferages, sabotage, supervision, strikes, terrorism and different sorts of potential threats to industries, private organization, private colonies, banks and another other places for large events.